A Plus Academy Moving to Cadence Henderson!

A Plus Academy Moving to Cadence Henderson!

On behalf of our staff members and local community PTA members, we would like to inform everyone of a move to a new location. We have been looking for not only a suitable location for our school, but the absolute best area to reside in. On our search, we looked through some of the best cities and states in the country. So, after a long time of looking, we found the best possible place to open our new school. The city our school will be in is Henderson Nevada. Henderson is one of the most safe places in the country to live in.

Now, there are a lot of places to live in Henderson. There are many communities which are gated, safe and have a great sense of community with its residents. As you may have guessed, yes, our school will be located within one of these communities. This is to ensure absolute safety for all of our students while in school and commuting to and from school.

The community we chose was based on several factors. intuitively, these factors include crime rate, convenience and property value. In order to sift through all of these communities we had to contact the specialist in real estate. The specialist we chose is a realtor in Henderson Nevada that specializes in these exact types of communities. So, after looking through over 20 different communities, we found the right one.

Information About The Cadence Community

The community’s name is Cadence. This community is so special because it’s just been built recently, and has a ton of great amenities to it. The Cadence community is mainly for people that are 55 and older, but don’t let that fool you. The property value will soar through the roof in this community within the next 4 years. One of the reasons Cadence is so special is due to the fact that it has a plaza being built within the community. This plaza is to include a full service grocery store, salons, ATMs, and maybe a movie theater. Another reason Cadence is a very sought after community in Henderson is because of it’s proximity to Lake Mead.

We are currently working out plans for constructing our private school in the Cadence community. Most of our students will very much be delighted to have a school in this modern area. The climate and sense of community is very different than New Jersey for example. Many of the students will be walking home just right across the street or will ride their bikes within the enclosed gates of the community. Others will take a shuttle to their home which must be within range of our school. Also, the range specifications will be sent to every students home that applies to be a part of our new school.

Join Us and Become a Part of Our School

That said, if you plan to be a part of our school, please contact us via mail, and send a letter to our offices. If your student qualifies and meets our standards, you will receive a letter of acceptance in the mail. If you are currently thinking of taking part with moving to the community; please contact our trusted realtor specializing in Cadence Henderson, NV. Also, this is the same realtor we used to check out which community we would like our school to reside in. They are a great team and they get the job done best and show true care.

Our offices are open Monday through Friday to be contacted regarding this message. Please let our staff know you’re interested in getting more information about our relocation to Cadence. I want to reiterate, a letter needs to be sent to our staff regarding you and your student (child). If we do not receive a letter in the mail with the word “Cadence” in it, we will not be contacting you regarding your new school. Also, we need to know whether you understand and read everything in this post.

We do not currently have the capacity to answer phone calls regarding this – a letter is required. We will then send you a letter of acceptance or denial depending on student qualification factors. These factors can be found in our student handbook. Please do not call or email any of our staff regarding our relocation to Cadence, a letter must be sent in the mail.

Also, all questions and concerns will be addressed in the letter sent to you. If your student has already been approved, we will be sending you a letter automatically and no action is required from you.

Thank you and happy schooling!

Welcome to A Plus Academy!

Welcome to A Plus Academy

A Plus Academy (APA) is the new standard for children’s essential learning. We strive for the absolute best education your child can possibly have. Hiring over 100 of the most highly trained teachers in the United States, we take pride in our ability to teach any child. The methods we use are similar to military approach mixed with arts that usually gets implemented in regular high schools. We find that this mix of training types make the best culture for our school. Every student that graduates has a major advantage over other children when applying for higher schools. It’s no coincidence that over 60% of our students attend an ivy league college after graduating high school. We are bold, we are brave, we are A PLUS!